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Hodgson Vale


Hodgson Vale

Hodgson Vale is a small community, approximately 26km2 in size, 12 km south of the Toowoomba CBD. It is the traditional land of the Gaibal People.

A rural/residential area, Hodgson Vale was named after Sir Arthur Hodgson, proprietor of the Eton Vale patrol run and MLA for Warrego in 1868-69.  Arthur Hodgson and his business partner Gilbert Elliot followed the Leslie brothers in 1841 to become the second pastoralists to settle on the Downs, claiming the valley watered by Hodgsons Creek. Hodgson and Gilbert Elliot had a major impact on the region by pioneering a safer route to Limestone (Ipswich) and Moreton Bay via Upper Flagstone Creek for the transport of produce and supplies, thereby making the Downs a viable primary producer.

Farming became the primary purpose and focus for the region well into the 20th century, with dairies, mixed grain, beef cattle, pigs and poultry - all prominent until the latter part of the 1990’s. Toowoomba’s metropolitan overspill has seen the area grow and develop into a community of larger rural/residential blocks proving popular with retired farmers and growing families.

It is now viewed as an ideal area for those wanting space and privacy with a great community spirit that extends beyond the city culture.

The Hodgson Vale Community Sports Club grew out of the community as an opportunity to provide an amenity for the community for recreation, sporting activities, social gatherings and community celebrations. The building and facilities represents a partnership between the community and the former Cambooya Shire Council to provide an area that provides a central hub for the growing numbers of families in the area.

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